• Today I want to share my experience of running my first half marathon Read More »

    Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon

Why Do I Need a Wellness Coach?

If you are a wellness coach, then you understand what I’m about to say. Most people have a challenging time wrapping their minds around WHAT we do. Read More »

Why Do I Need a Wellness Coach? Part 2

Last week I showed you an example of someone’s wellness vision and 3-month goals. Read More »

Be Thankful, Be Kind

Do you have a thankful heart? I do and I believe it is the main reason I am as happy as I am. Read More »

The Best Is Yet To Come

The year 2016 has been SO FULL Read More »

About Nadine

Authenticity Health & Wellness Coaching is about reconnecting you with the person you were created to be. I believe we were each created to live an extraordinary life, but in our world with its many distractions, it is easy to become disconnected from our authentic self. You are uniquely designed, gifted and have the inner wisdom to live abundantly. The inspiration behind this business is my personal wellness journey. When I turned 50, I began giving serious thought to what I wanted the “next act” of my life to look like. I had been gaining weight year by year, though my diet hadn’t changed. I was out of shape. I was tired and depleted … Learn more