Be Thankful, Be Kind

Do you have a thankful heart? I do and I believe it is the main reason I am as happy as I am. Read More »

The Best Is Yet To Come

The year 2016 has been SO FULL Read More »

Intercessory Prayer

Yesterday afternoon something happened that has never happened before Read More »

A Lost Art: Cooking

When I first begin working with a new client I gather information about their current habits. Read More »

Good Boundaries Right Now

The weeks leading up to this year’s presidential election are unlike anything I’ve ever seen Read More »

Say No To Negativity

I was racking my brain. Trying to come up with a topic for this week’s blog post Read More »

Reppin and Preppin

We all understand intellectually that in order to eat healthy, we need to clean out processed foods from our fridges and cupboards Read More »

Mastering A Healthy Lifestyle

In a recent podcast interview I was asked about working with clients who have fear related to food Read More »

My First Podcast

Listen here as I share my wellness story and discuss coaching clients: “Cracking the Code on Vitality” Read More »

Marvelous Magnesium

When I went to a functional medicine doctor for the first time, I left with a few bottles of suggested supplements. Read More »