Client Testimonials

  • I am a 60 year old woman who had been struggling with weight and fatigue. Generally, I felt hopeless I could change much, many efforts had met with failure. I would think, “if I could just lose 20 pounds it would be amazing beyond words, but…it’ll never happen.” In my first session with Nadine, I boldly declared, “I will never go to a gym, I will never take a fitness class, I am too self conscious. Never, I am not doing that.” Her gentle response of “we can work with that” so struck me–almost a “huh?” moment, I was immediately relieved and ready to listen.

    We don’t discuss weight, and I have never been shamed. We discuss health, clean eating, and reactions to foods. We don’t discuss “exercise”, we talk about motion. She listens and she provides support in a nonjudgmental and kind fashion, I ask wacky questions. Most importantly, she cuts through the confusion of conflicting information and helps you pick a simple path which fits you and your goals.

    To date, I have lost over 40 pounds (25 more to go, but I’ll get there). I regularly attend yoga class, and most mornings you can find me at the “Y” walking and working on strength machines–guess what? No one really is looking at you, promise. I am astounded at how pushing a small amount of discomfort aside (self-consciousness or lack of knowledge) leads to a different outlook. I am still learning, but I move more freely, can play on the floor with my grandkids, and have buckets of energy, Amazing? Yes, it takes effort, but having a gentle and kind cheerleader celebrating your victories helps make the journey so much easier.

    ~ VSY - Cumming, GA

  • I’ve lost 45 lbs since working with Nadine. Hiring a wellness coach was the first and most important step for me on this journey. I do not believe I would have ever been successful without hiring Nadine. It felt good to know I could trust Nadine’s health advice as she is an experienced RN. Coaching sustained me and focused me when I had very little energy or drive on my own. It was a big financial commitment, but that added a level of accountability for me. I did not want to feel like I had wasted money. However, I can now say that it is worth every penny because Nadine is accessible to me and always up-to-date on my progress through the online coaching platform. I can log what I eat on the platform, look at diagrams that show my progress, and remind myself what I am focusing on. I also loved that I did not have to travel to meet with Nadine. We met on the phone once a week and this was way more time friendly for me.

    ~ Melissa M. - Lawrenceville, GA

  • Just before my 62nd birthday, I hit the wall. After two years of helping care for my elderly parents in another state, my father passed away and we moved my 92 year old mother to be close by. My work was in a slump due to having been away so much and I’d lost touch with the things that brought me joy. I was totally exhausted but the demands on my time and energy were pressing. In desperation, I looked for an art class to help me keep my head above water; it was cheaper than therapy and a nervous breakdown wasn’t an option.

    Instead, I found 8 Weeks to Wellness, Nadine’s class. She immediately impressed me with her warmth, calm, organization, and attentive ear. The class provided a sense of community very quickly as she began guiding us to identify and visualize our “authentic” self, healthy and whole in every way. Additionally, she provided a concrete methodology to begin moving in that direction, gently, non-judgmentally. She provided fundamental information about health and wellness from a variety of angles, including stress reduction, exercise, and healthy eating, all of which were useful.

    I can’t say enough good things about this class! In a few short weeks, I was uplifted and given tools to begin putting one foot in front of the other. I continue to benefit from the community she helped bring together. Nadine is truly a gift, a shining example of what she teaches.

    ~ Jean S. - Johns Creek, GA

  • 8 Weeks to Wellness was an awesome experience, providing quality education in a structured, yet comfortable setting for genuine sharing. The classes were a springboard of inspiration and Nadine’s leadership style offered an inviting atmosphere for motivation and positive personal change. One of the best benefits is that I continue to find opportunities to apply what I learned, weaving worthwhile goals into healthier choices. When I started looking into classes at Johns Creek Arts Center, I found a unique pursuit of wellness that enhanced my art and creativity while enriching my life.

    ~ Angie P. - Lawrenceville, GA

  • When I began the wellness coaching, I did not really have an understanding of what coaching would involve. I have always been hesitant to share personal information with someone that I don’t know. Nadine has a knack for putting people at ease and maintaining confidentiality so that sharing has become something that I do without hesitation. My coaching sessions have become something that I look forward to because she is focused on helping me tap into my strengths to achieve what I desire.

    During our discussions, Nadine quickly sensed my strengths and my goals. She has an intuitive nature that allows her to help me set realistic goals. This keeps me from getting discouraged. I feel energized and want to continue to achieve these goals long after the coaching sessions.

    The coaching that I have received has allowed me to change my perspective on my health and well-being, enhanced my interpersonal relationships and made me stronger in my work life by teaching me how to take time to take care of myself. The level of energy and happiness that I have in my life due to these sessions is so much greater than anything I would have imagined. Nadine has helped me develop a new confidence that I will be able to carry forward long after the coaching sessions.

    ~ Jeannie H. – Plant City, FL

  • I had come to a point where it was time for me to re-assess how I was going about things and to implement some changes in my life. This is not something that comes easy for me, as I tend to fall back into the routine of working the 12-14 hour days that had become my life, leaving the concept of a “balanced” lifestyle lacking. Nadine has consistently helped me work on creating and maintaining goals geared towards that balance of work, family and enjoying things outside of work. This has been a tremendous help to my physical and mental health, as well as a huge bonus for my family!

    Nadine’s approach is always very encouraging and her enthusiasm and love for what she does is so apparent. It is absolutely impossible NOT to feel happy, motivated and upbeat after speaking with her!

    ~ Lori B. – Westport, CT

  • Sometimes you need that extra “oomph” in your life. Nadine IS that extra “oomph.” I’ve had the privilege of working with Nadine for 3 or 4 months now and I’ve never felt better. I told her my goals of eating clean, exercising regularly, investing in friends and family, and becoming a spiritual leader–she listened and encouraged me every step of the way. It was as simple as mapping out a plan for the week, attacking those goals, and reporting back. She’s something special. One of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m better because of it.

    ~ Jake G. – Nashville, TN